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Teeth Dinosaur
Spinosaurus tooth, brown enamel
Mounted on a wooden stand

Spinosaurus tooth, brown enamel
Beautiful polished tooth

Spinosaurus tooth, brown enamel
Artists impression of Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus tooth, brown enamel

Product description

A beautifully preserved tooth from one of the largest Dinosaur predators, with polished brown enamel intact.
Spinosaurus, meaning "Spine Lizard" lived during the Cretaceous Period, 112m to 93m years ago, and was the largest carniverous Dinosaur that ever existed.
It is well known for the sailback appearance of the ridge of spines that ran down its back, which grew up to seven feet in length.
When an adult it grew to be 60 feet long with a weight of 9 tons. That is big !
The large teeth are unserrated, which is quite unusual in a Dinosaur predator, and it shares this with its closest relative, Irritator.
This tooth was found in the Sahara Region of Morocco, and has been cleaned and polished to reveal the beautiful colouration of the tooth.
It is mounted on a wooden base for better display.
Size:    Tooth 10cms long





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