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Fossil palm & fish
Beautiful display fossil palm and fish

Fossil palm & fish
Hunter and prey on the same plate

Fossil palm & fish

Product description

This plate is from the Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.


The palm and fish are Eocene, 50 million years old.


Although fish are common from this formation, palms are rarer, and as such command higher prices, particularly when fish are included.


The fish are Priscacara (hunter) and Knightia (prey).


Priscacara meaning `primitive head' was shaped rather like a sunfish and had sturdy dorsal fins, probably to protect it from being swallowed from behind by predators, and hunted smaller fish. It is one of the rarer fish from the Green River Formation.

The smaller fish, Knightia, were common, and were unfortunate enough to be the prey of most of the other fish that existed at that time.
50 million years ago a lake existed in what is now Wyoming, with a size of around 930 square miles. The unusual chemistry of the lake prevented decay and the scavenging of the dead organisms, while thin layers of alternating limestone and organic matter slowly accumulated.
The resulting limestone beds contain the highest concentration of fossilised fish in the world.
During the Eocene the region was sub tropical to temperate.
The size of this irregular plate is 51" x 29" x 1.5" thick.






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