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Asaphus Trilobite
Asaphus Trilobite with Blasoid

Asaphus Trilobite
View of Trilobite with blasoid showing eye stalks

Asaphus Trilobite
Bizarre Asaphus kowalewskii Trilobite

Asaphus Trilobite

Product description

This Trilobite, Asaphus kowalewskii, comes from the Vilpovitsy Quarry, Wolchow River Region, St Petersburg, Russia, and dates from the Middle Ordovician, 465 million years ago. The eystalks of this creature are truely bizarre and amazing.
It is thought that the long eyestalks enabled the trilobite to lay in wait for its prey, buried in the bottom sediment, with only its periscope eyes protruding. A big surprise for the prey!
Included on this plate is a Blasoid (class Blastidea), which is an extinct type of stemmed echioderm, often called a "sea bud".
There has been a repair to the eye stalks, which were unfortunately damaged during transport, but this does not detract from the overall appearance of this fine fossil.
A fabulous display piece and a real talking point.
It can be mounted on a stand by us if required to make for a better display.
Fossil Matrix: 21cm x 19cm.
Fossil Size : 5cm x 8.5cm





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