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Superb quality leg, foot, and tail of Ornithomimus

View of tail vertebrae

Artists impression of Ornithomimus


Product description

Ornithomimus, also known as Dromiceiomimus (from the Greek meaning Emu mimic), are commonly known as Ostrich Dinosaurs.
Fossils of these Theropod Dinosaurs can be found in Asia, Europe, and North America.
These particular fossil bones were discovered in the Hell Creek Formation, Montana, USA, and date from the Cretaceous Period, 80m to 70m years old.  

A fully grown adult  would be 3.5 metres in length.  It was a fast runner, up to 45 mph, thanks to its powerful hind limbs.
It had a thin, flattened, horny beak, a small head, and very good vision.

Despite a small head, it had a relatively large brain , and was amongst the more intelligent of the dinosaurs.
Ornithomimus was thought to have preyed upon other small vertebrates, eggs, and insects, but modern day thinking is that they may have just been herbivores.
On offer is a complete, intact, hind limb and tail from Ornithomimus.
In addition there is a Pubis bone.

All these are from the same creature. The foot is complete with all claws and articulated digits
All bones are from the same creature, and it is not a composite.
The only reconstruction is to the pelvis

Seldom are such fossils seen for sale, and this is a wonderful oportunity to own a partial dinosaur of such quality.
This will make a superb mounted display. Please ask for details. What a talking point it would be in the home, or office foyer.
All the bones have now been stabalised, and are in superb condition

We will sell this stand mounted for display (included in the price), as per customer instructions.
Size:  Large, adult leg bones & tail.






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