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A quality claw & digits from Pachycephalosaurus

Artists impression of this amazing dinosaur


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A rare & fantastically preserved foot claw & digits, from Pachycephalosaurs wyomingensis, dating from the Late Cretaceous, 65 million years old. It was discovered in Hell Creek Formation, Jordan, Montana, USA.
Pachycephalosaurus, from the Greek meaning "thick headed lizard", was a bipedal, omniverous dinosaur and derived its name from the hugely dense dome of its skull, around 10 inches thick. It is thought this was used during combat with others of its species during the mating season.
It was known to have long hindlimbs & short forelimbs, growing up to 15 feet long and weighing in at around 900 lbs.
They were herding animals, and are currently only known from the Hell Creek Formation in North America.
This is a tremendous opportunity to own a genuine set of digits & claw from this remarkable creature.
These are the real deal, with tremendous lustre & patina.
The claw & digits can be mounted upon request.
Not to be missed.
Size:   5.5 inches long





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