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Rob Sula Artist
Spinosaurus standing over its recent kill

Amazing Rob Sula limited edition print



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A fantastic illustration of the huge carniverous Dinosaur, Spinosaurus.

Spinosaurus, translated as "Spine Lizard" lived during the Cretaceous, 112m to 93m years ago, and was the largest carniverous dinosaur that ever existed.
It is well known for the sailback appearance of the ridge of spines that ran down its back, which grew up to 7 feet long.
When an adult it could be 60 feet long and weigh up to 9 tons.
Now that is a large predator!
The large teeth are unserrated, which is unusual in a Dinosaur carnivore, and it shares this with its closest relative Irritator.
Their remains are found in North Africa, which at the time they existed was a flood plain, covered with lush forests.
A wonderful, limited edition, Rob Sula print.
It can be framed by us if required. Please ask.
45cm x 30.5cm







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