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Teeth Megalodon
Megalodon Tooth 28

Megalodon Tooth 28

Megalodon Tooth 28

Megalodon Tooth 28

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Excellent quality Megalodon Tooth, polished to a high lustre, from Florida, USA. Dating from the Early Miocene to the Pleistocene, 23 m to 3.6 m years old, the Megalodon was a fearsome predator with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. They could grow up to 20 metres long. A super addition to a collection or a very different gift for a special person!! FINE FOSSILS has been in the fossil business for over 35 years with offices in UK, Spain & USA - so buy with confidence. Size: 11 cm long This item ships from our MADRID Office fully tracked (MAD28)







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Large Display case of Teeth
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