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Fossil fish panels
Tile fish panels produced to order

Fossil fish panels
Beautiful panel of fossil fish

Fossil fish panels
Genuine 50m yrs old fossil fish

Fossil fish panels

Product description

Beautiful Green River fossil fish panels displaying varios varieties of fish.
These fish are 50 million years old and are from the Green River Formation in Wyoming, USA. The panels are hand produced using genuine fossil fish, and tiles of the natural stone These represent the types of fish found 50 million years ago in the Green River Formation, a warm sea in the Eocene Era.
These panels look absolutely stunning once installed and can be produced to specific sizes. Every one is absolutely unique.
Prices start from around £2500 for small panels, and rise dependant upon size, quality, and rarity of the fossils.
They are also fine for bathrooms, as they can be treated to make them water resistant.





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All pieces are sold with a full description of the fossil and its origins, and comes with a money-back, lifetime guarantee of authenticity.