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Fossil furniture, tables worktops.
Worktops and shelving
Polished brown fossilised stone

Worktops and shelving
Lustrous black Orthoceras stone

Worktops and shelving
The detail often includes ammonites

Worktops and shelving

Product description

 We can supply highly polished or matt effect fossil stone from Morocco for shelving and worktops. The stone can be purchased in black/grey or brown. The black/grey stone is extremely rich in Orthoceras fossils and the brown contains Orthoceras and Goniatites.
 Orthoceras was an ancient mollusk that lived more than 400 million years ago. The preserved shell is all that remains of this ancestor of our modern day squid and it is believed to have been the hunter of the Paleozoic seas, feeding on Trilobites.
 Goniatites are an extinct group of ammonoid which are shelled Cephalopods related to squid, belemnites, octopus and cuttlefish. They lived in the earth's oceans around 300 million years ago.
As with our bathroom furniture, all pieces are designed to your exact specifications.
Prices are variable dependant upon your exact requirements in terms of colour, size, and quality.

However, as a guide, worktop prices start from around £750.



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Ammolite Ammonite Partial 2
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All pieces are sold with a full description of the fossil and its origins, and comes with a money-back, lifetime guarantee of authenticity.